Installing pptpd on Ubuntu

Recently I had to set up VPN server on my Ubuntu server 10.04.

Yes, Ubuntu 10.04 is old but the following guide  will also work for latest  Ubuntu systems as well.

pptpd is the VPN server that provides microsoft VPN protocol, which will mostly work fine with any vpn connection from Windows, OSX, or iOS systems.

Anyway, here are the steps for installing and configuring pptpd:

1. Install pptpd

sudo apt-get install pptpd

2. Configure your IP

sudo vi /etc/pptpd

(Use nano if you are not familiar with vi/vim)

At the last two bottom lines, pptpd would already have configured localip and remoteip according to your system. If not, you should modify it.

For example, if your server’s IP is, then you may configure as follows:


It will make pptpd to use server ip address as while vpn clients that access to this server will use remove ip range from – It also means, you will allow only 10 multiple vpn client connections at a time. You can increase it if you want, but make sure remoteip range doesn’t overlap with localip.

3. Configure ppp options

In your /etc/pptpd/conf file, there may be options file location. It probably will be /etc/ppp/pptpd-options. Let’s open it and make sure we have right encryption level.

sudo vi /etc/ppp/pptpd-options

Do not allow pap, chap, and mschap.


Allow ms-chapv2 (which is more secure) and mppe-128.


I think those are already default option. If so, you don’t need to make any change.

Also, you need to configure DNS.  Check /etc/resolve.conf if your server already have configured DNS. If that address is and configure ms-dns as


Otherwise you may use Google’s DNS server.


4. Configure account for user

Lastly, you should configure user account for the VPN connection.

sudo vi /etc/ppp/chap-secrets

And add

testuser pptpd testpassword *

Then you may be able to connect to VPN with ID=testuser PW=testpassword.

Note that if you use special characters like “#” in the password, that will cause trouble. I recommend to use just alphanumeric for your password. Also, make sure your chap-secrets file in unix CRLF format. (I spent couple of hours to find the problem that pptpd didn’t let me log in–it was due to chap-secrets file)

5. Restart pptpd

You can simply

sudo server pptpd start

to start the pptpd server or

sudo server pptpd restart

to restart pptpd.

6. Check what’s going on with syslog

If VPN doesn’t work, you may want to check out what’s going on under the hood. All the message will be recorded through syslog. So

sudo tail -f /var/log/messages

will show you any log associated with pptpd.

I hope this helps whom wants to run VPN server on Ubuntu.


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